Easy DIY Thanksgiving decoration!

Surprise! I am alive!

The new house, new town and new job are certainly taking a toll on my free time, or shall I say lack there of.

Now with a beautiful, huge (huge for us after living in an apartment for five years) house I realized why my mom was always stressing about cleaning… there’s never enough time in the day to clean all the dirt. The dust and dirt multiplies like rabbits in my house!

To distract from the constant dust and dirt creation, I’ve decided to try my hand at decorating the house. Emphasis on try.

After Halloween was over I realized I didn’t put a single Halloween or fall decoration up.

Between unpacking, cleaning, traveling and training for work, and more cleaning, I didn’t even pick up a single pumpkin.

That had to change for Thanksgiving, I mean what would the neighbors think? We aren’t super boring, I swear.

I scoured Pinterest for Thanksgiving decorations.. and all I found were construction paper turkeys, kids coloring pages, and strangely, a lot of mason jars filled with dried beans?

I hightly doubted my teenage and preteen stepsons would like to color cornucopias and trace their hands to put on the fridge… I was stuck between construction paper pilgrim hats and a bountiful flock of hand turkeys.

Until the Thanksgiving Tree.

This EASY and beautiful Thanksgiving DIY decoration is the perfect centerpiece for anybody this Thanksgiving!

Plus, it’s a great way to spend the afternoon with family!

We found the sticks while taking a walk, actually my oldest stepson ran down the road with a large tree branch as a joke and it ended up on my kitchen table.

My father-in-law sliced up some branches from his yard while we collected acorns.

Bing-bang-boom, project almost done.

The longest part was cutting and gluing chalkboard paper onto the slices.

Lastly, the best part, what we are thankful for. Everyone, including Mimi, got to write what they were thankful for.

From God to dogs, phones to sisters, the tree has not only fulfilled my need for decorations, but filled our home with so much love!

And my incredibly bad DIYing self made something that may actually be Pinterest worthy!

Don’t worry, I’ll probably do some hand turkeys too, can’t leave those bad boys out.

Cheers, gobble gobble.


  • Mason Jar
  • Branches
  • Chalkboard Paper
  • Twine
  • Chalk
  • Something to fill the jar with to keep branches in place

Place branches in jar, write what you’re thankful for in chalk and hang chalkboard ornaments on the branches.



So here it goes.. my journey into the blogging world. As a first post, it seems obligatory to do some introductions, so here it goes:

I’m┬áJillian and 2015 was a big year for me, it brought the birth of my amazing daughter and it was the year I married my best friend.

Lesson 1: Always undress baby when feeding.. even if it looks easy and not messy. Babies are always messy.
Lesson 1: Always undress baby when feeding.. even if it looks easy and not messy. Babies are always messy.

Our life is far from the typical American dream family with a two-story home with red shutters, yard, golden retriever (no offense golden lovers!) and a white picket fence. In fact, we live in an apartment above my husband’s restaurant with great dane that looks like a cow and our yard is the side lot off the parking lot. I am also a step-mother to three wonderful children, two boys and a girl.

This big, floppy, drool machine is our dear Molly.
This big, floppy, drool machine is our dear Molly.

Though being atypical is amazing, it doesn’t come without challenges. Hence this blog. It’s a place for my crazy stories of being a new wife, a new mother (my daughter has been crying and crawling up my leg this entire post), a diary of my journey navigating and growing a blended family, easy recipes, attempts at DIY projects and everything in-between.

I hope you join me on this trip around the sun. So sit back, grab a drink sippy cup or champagne flute – and enjoy the ride! Cheers!