Be Good to Me

I live in a small town. Not the smallest of small, we have more than one stop light, but it’s still a ‘you can’t go to Wal-Mart without seeing at least 25% of your high school class’ kind of town.

And while it may be annoying or feel strangling at times, an amazing thing about the valley is how quickly we can be united.

The last week in my hometown caused excruciating pain for so many people. Without getting into the details, and this isn’t the reason for the post (I’ll get to the point I promise), through the pain and loss, people have once again found old friends, reminisced over what once was and helped each other heal raw hearts.

But the most raw of hearts was one that I never fully recognized before. One that was always there, but I never completely understood. A mother’s heart.

Upon going to a viewing for an amazing friend, I watched a mother step up beyond anything she could have ever dreamed of to be there for her children. To stand tall and strong while others couldn’t and to take the hit and reminder of loss over and over and over again and never falter because if mom falls, so does the mountain.

I didn’t mean to kick this blog off on a super serious note (I’m writing with a big ol’ glass of red wine and an even bigger bag of licorice) and I tried to write about anything else, but I can’t get the strength of this mother out of my head.

My momma and me in Nashville!
With my momma in Nashville!

It made me think of my mom, step-mom, mother-in-law, mom’s of best friends, moms on Facebook and moms everywhere – I am in awe of how strong you are. And you have to be for your partners, children, and let’s face it, everyone else. There is no weak day for a mom, there really never is a “I need a minute.” Despite what they are going through, there is always the momma bear looking over her cubs, no matter where they are.

My momma-in-law!
My momma-in-law!

I don’t know for sure if I noticed this because I am a new mom, but I will say that’s why now, but it really opened my eyes to how strong moms really are. How much they carry everyday when times aren’t rough, and the tougher the times – the more moms take on without a care, most of the time.

I just hope that I can live up to my new-found expectations of moms everywhere.

9-months preggo with my step-mom
With my step-mom at my baby shower!

So here’s to you moms, for never letting too much leg show, feeding us with your delicious cuisine (once my mom made a pea pie, PEA PIE), and always being the strength we need to go on. Whether its carrying us on your hip, sending us to timeout to learn that oh so valuable lesson or holding back tears while hundreds of other people are mourning the loss of your child.

Thank you for being the strength we always needed.

Old moms, new moms, friend’s moms, step-moms, stay-at-home moms, working moms, dance moms, soccer moms and every mom in-between – you get all the cheers.

(Oh, dads are pretty great too!)

Author: Jillian

I am a new mom, a new wife, new step-mom and this is a compilation of stories from crazy journey. Cheers!

4 thoughts on “Be Good to Me”

  1. Jill – you write so beautifully. I’m excited that you’re starting a new journey with this blog. I look forward to more posts and some pictures of your beautiful daughter. Love you! Erika.

  2. Jill – Your style of writing is warm, refreshing, easy to read and very engaging. You have a gift of allowing the reader to experience and feel the emotion of what you are feeling/writing. I look forward to more of your writings. 🙂

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