With and Without Series: Getting Ready for Work

Ever since having my daughter it seems my to-do list is always adding five things each day and maybe getting one task ticked off the list.

It’s not that I’m not motivated, but having a crazy one-year-old around can steal my attention and make simple tasks, like dishes, seem impossible.

And that’s when my husband is home to help.

Last night he went out of town and left me and the nugget to ourselves for a ladies’ night, and a ladies’ morning.

I have to admit, we haven’t done a very good job of getting Charlie on a schedule so some days she wakes up early, some days she sleeps till 10. Those days she sleeps late is usually when she’s home with my husband and I’m at work. So of course, on a day where I have to get ready for work and home by myself.. she decides to get up early.

Thus the inspiration for the latest installment of the With and Without Series..

With and Without : Getting Ready for Work

6 a.m.

Without Kids: Roll over to the alarm and hit the snooze. The sun isn’t out yet, just five more minutes in this small form of heaven, a.k.a my bed.

With Kids: Shit, shit turn off that dang alarm. It’s so loud and if it wakes up this sleeping baby in my bed I am going to be so mad! Phew, she’s still sleeping. Maybe I can catch some more shut eye quick since she was up three times last night.

6:30 a.m.

Without Kids: Time to get up! Stumble into the bathroom and get in the shower. Put my favorite radio station on and, oh yum, the coffee I got ready last night is brewing!

With Kids: Oh shit, I overslept again! Somehow I need to maneuver my arm out from under this sweaty, sleepy toddler without waking her up. Two tugs and I’m still not free, let’s try some ninja moves mixed with a downward dog, finally I’m loose! I tiptoe to the closet to pick out my outfit of the day, and squeeeaaaakkkkk. That damn closet door knob is going to be the death of me! Small cries start from under the covers.. I quickly jump into the closet thinking if she doesn’t see me maybe she will fall back asleep! Standing there the cries slow and it seems she’s fallen back to sleep. Taking way to long to pick out an outfit I scurry to the bathroom.. but first another squeeeeaaakkkkkk goes the bedroom door knob. Oh you’ve got to be kidding me. My husband better come home with some WD-40. I turn on the shower, only to hear cries instead of feeling warm water on my body. Little nugget is sitting up in my bed, crying, until I poke my head around the corner where she shows off her newest move, waving hello. Well good morning to you, too.

7 a.m.

Without Kids: Lotion up after that warm shower, go grab the steaming cup of Joe and get dressed. My favorite morning radio show is on and helping get me in the mood for the day. I’m running behind, as always, but I’ll just forgo some eye shadow to make up for the lost time.

With Kids: After nursing the baby, changing her diaper and getting her dressed for the day, there’s no way I’m getting in the shower today. Thank ¬†God for dry shampoo and perfume. Grab some bath toys and set down the baby next to them to play while I quickly get dressed and pull out some make up. Before the eyeshadow even gets on, a whimpering baby walks over and is tugging on my legs to get picked up. Oh boy. Run and get some cheerios in a bowl in hopes the food will distract her long enough to throw on some mascara and concealer.

7: 30 a.m

Without Kids: Makeup finished, hair almost dried. Coffee cup is empty, just enough time to check my Facebook and grab a bite for breakfast! It is, after all, the most important meal of the day! Time to refill my coffee cup and take the dog out.

With Kids: After finally smearing on concealer under my eyes. I grab the still crying baby, who is obviously still tired, and set her on the counter. Alas, the tears stop! Perfect, now time to do something with this nest of hair on my head.. dry shampoo and a pony tail. Perfect. Almost ready to go, the dog gets up off the bed in the corner.. shit I forgot about taking the dog out! While throwing together anything that’s in the fridge for a makeshift lunch, I catch a glimpse of the empty coffee pot.. damn I wish I remembered to set it last night instead of falling asleep on the couch!

8 a.m.

Without Kids: Lunch packed, travel cup full of coffee, time to head out the door! Bye pup!

With Kids: With a lunch pail in one hand, purse over the shoulder, diapers under the other arm, and baby on the hip we rush out the door to get to daycare. Counting down the seconds until I have to be at work, I strap the baby in her car seat. Jumping in the driver’s seat I turn up my favorite morning radio show. Headed down the road I look in the rearview mirror and catch the most beautiful sight – Charlie dancing along to the music and smiling. Finally a smile! We sing and dance all the way to daycare.

In an instant a crazy, stress-filled morning was made amazing with just one glance at the most important person in the world.

Though I may have a disheveled look, mismatched clothes or a last-minute ponytail, I wouldn’t change this crazy morning for anything! Except for maybe a cup of coffee!